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Oakland Tech Equity Team

Mission Statement

The Equity Team’s mission is to cultivate and value diverse populations, while nurturing a sense of belonging by honoring scholars' voices. Our team will be accountable to all scholars  by recursively collecting data to address diverse academic needs. We will foster a community where Black and Brown scholars are empowered to thrive when we  leverage resources and relationships to develop and maintain cultural awareness. We will collaborate with all stake-holders to lift the values and principles of equity to create responsible citizens who will be leaders and role models in their community.

Vision Statement

Our Vision for Educational Excellence

All scholars will receive a quality education with a focus on college and career, so they can thrive academically regardless of race, economic status or gender through the eradication of systemic barriers. 

Belief Statement

It is our belief that:

  • Oakland Tech’s diversity is a quality to be celebrated, respected and valued.
  • Our scholars are gifted, talented, precious, honored and are our future.
  • Our scholars have the ability to achieve anything they dare to dream.
  • Our scholars deserve resources, materials and opportunities to excel.
  • A 21st Century education necessitates racial consciousness, cultural tolerance, disability awareness, and gender impartiality.
  • Our scholars deserve our commitment, dedication and nurturing.
  • Our scholars deserve excellent instructors who value the tenets of 21st Century teaching and learning, opportunities for college and career, and edifying scholar choice and voice.
  • Our scholars have the power to be successful when provided equitable access to a rigorous curriculum that reflects social, economical and global trends and changes.
  • It is our calling to extirpate  racial, socio-economic and gender predictability within our system.


  1. Identify current equity needs during distance learning 
  2. Provide equitable access and inclusion for all scholars 
  3. Create rigorous, equitable learning environments to meet the diverse needs of all scholars.
  4. Promote social justice and racial equality for all scholars
  5. Honor the diverse cultures and backgrounds of all scholars 
  6. Hold Tech’s systems and policies  accountable for the success of our historically underserved scholars
  7. Provide effective data to school community 
  8. Identify, collaborate with and uplift teams that support equity work
  9. Create a structure of accountability for all stakeholders 
  10. Leverage resources, network to create more opportunities and positive outcomes for all scholars

 Core Competencies

  • A rigorous teaching and learning environment, measurable data-driven results to augment equitable change  
  • Deepen adult awareness of instructional bias’, culturally responsive pedagogy, equitable grading practices, effective teaching strategies, and elements of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) through Professional Development 
  • Augment integration of SEL strategies to promote a healthy learning environment to encourage a model of social and community rectitude

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