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Principal Price’s Mission Statement

Martel PriceI strive to cultivate a positive, respectful and loving working relationship with the students, staff, and parents that make up the Oakland Tech community. 

I strive to show up on time daily as an empathetic, engaged, and reflective leader that communicates clearly and promptly in an effort to ensure that all stakeholders feel heard, respected and empowered to create the conditions they need for their individual success and the success of the community.  

I strive to be an anti-racist leader that utilizes school resources on hand to create conditions that benefit those that have historically been underserved in public education.  

It is my intention to work collaboratively with teachers to successfully create a learning environment where all student voices and experiences are valued. 

It is my goal to promote structures that ensure that all students complete as many relevant and rigorous college prep and Advanced courses as possible to create as many post-secondary options for themselves as possible upon graduating from Oakland Tech.

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