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Updated July 28, 2023

All staff and students will be asked to report their COVID-19 cases here. (ParentSquare is discontinuing their Health Screener for the 23-24 school year.)

Positive individuals and site supervisors will receive instructions regarding isolation periods, symptom monitoring, and return-to-work details.

All staff and students are expected to comply with CDPH regulations regarding isolation and quarantine. In short, this means isolating for 5 days following a positive test and then returning to work/school after 5 days, if symptoms have improved and the individual is fever-free for at least 24 hours. A negative test is NOT required to return to work/school after 5 days.

Positive individuals should still mask for the 10 days following their positive test, unless they have two negative tests in a row, taken at least one day apart.

There is no COVID-19 leave bank available for employees from the State of California; employees must use personal or sick leave balances. Student absences due to COVID are excused like any other illness.

All labor partners will receive a notification about positive employee cases stating the site name and date of exposure, excluding any identifying information about the impacted employees.

View OUSD's Isolation Flowchart and One Pager overview for more information.