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Dance Policies

Dance Policies

Our annual dances are exciting, much anticipated events for Bulldogs. We encourage all students and their families to carefully review the following rules to ensure these beloved evenings are enjoyable and safe for all.

No Re-Entry

There will be no re-entry to the dance. Once you and/or your guest enter the facility and relinquish your ticket(s) to the event, you and/or your guest are prohibited from leaving and re-entering the facility. The doors close at 9 PM. Any student or guest arriving after 9 PM will not be granted admittance unless an agreement has been made in advance with the dance coordinator. 


You and your guest must provide one of the following in order to gain admittance:

  • Your ticket
  • A school ID or a government issued ID

There will be no exceptions whatsoever, even if school personnel at the event recognize you and/or your guest. All guests must have a pre-approved signed guest pass with a copy of their administrator’s business card attached and a copy of their school ID. These documents must be turned in to the dance coordinator before a ticket will be issued.

Dress Code

All students and guests who wish to enter the dance must abide by Oakland Tech’s dress code. All guests must comply with all school and Code of Conduct requirements. If you have questions concerning your dress, it is your responsibility to seek prior approval from administration.

Student Expectations

  • Students must abide by all of the rules and regulations of Oakland Technical High School
  • Containers — including water bottles — are NOT allowed into the venue
  • Alcohol and narcotics are NOT allowed and will result in dismissal from the dance and a school suspension
  • Any student arriving to the dance under the influence will NOT be admitted. Parents will be called and students will receive a school suspension. Oakland Tech has a breathalyzer that will be used in cases where sobriety is in question
  • NO weapons — including pocket knives — are allowed

End of Dance Procedures

Students are not allowed to re-enter the dance upon leaving. Once you have left the dance, you CANNOT, under any circumstances, re-enter. Students must vacate the premises at the end of the dance and parents should not rely on school supervision beyond that point. Students must wait for their ride only at the supervised location. 

No Refund

It is the responsibility of the student and/or guest to resolve any and all questions concerning any of the terms and conditions listed in this agreement prior to the date of the dance. If you and/or your guest fail to meet any of the terms or conditions listed in this agreement or written in the Oakland Tech Code of Conduct, you and/or your guest will be required to leave the event, and no refund of the ticket price will be issued.