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Electronic Devices

Anything that interferes with the educational process cannot be brought to school. Teachers, security and school officials may confiscate these items. Confiscated items may be held for the day or until the end of the semester, or they may be returned to a parent or guardian upon a conference with an administrator.

  • Cell phones must be turned off and out of sight during classes (see below).
  • iPads and laptops are used at students’ own risk and only with the permission of a teacher.

Cell Phone Usage

Cell phones should NOT be used and MUST be turned off during class time.

Earpieces should not be seen or used in class. NO student is allowed to talk on a cell phone or text during class. A cellphone should not be heard in class. Students are not allowed to go into the hall to answer phones during class time. Students not adhering to these rules will be subject to suspension, assignment to Saturday school, and/or confiscation of the phone. Refusal to give a teacher, administrator or Security Officer a phone once it has been requested may result in suspension. Cell phones must not be used to tape incidents that occur on campus without the prior consent of all persons involved. Using a phone to record a fight will result in disciplinary actions.