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Safety & Security

ID Badges

Many of our safety concerns are a result of non-students being on our campus. It is unacceptable to have the safety of our community compromised by trespassers. All staff and students are required to have their picture identification badges on their person at all times. Every student must have his/her picture taken for this ID badge upon registration at Tech. Students must be able to produce their ID badges at all times while they are on campus. In addition, a student ID card is required to secure discounts for student activities and check out textbooks within the library. 

If your scholar misses the registration, they will need to get their picture taken once school starts. There will be a make-up picture date once the first semester begins. If they miss the make-up date, they will need to make an appointment to get their photo taken. Times and dates for make-up photos will be announced in the weekly Advisory announcements and publicized around school.  

Security Incidents

Contact Tech’s Head Culture Keeper, Rosemary Whisenton, (510) 879-2305 extension 119. 

OUSD Anonymous Tip Line (510) 532-4867

Emergency situations (510) 450-5445

Visiting Campus

All visitors to the school must sign in at the school office to obtain a visitor’s badge before proceeding on to campus. Siblings or visitors under 21 years of age are not allowed on campus unless accompanied by a parent or adult,

Visiting Classrooms

Classroom visits must be prearranged with the teacher. Visitors need to obtain a visitor’s badge in the school office upon entering the school.


Students are not to bring items of value or large sums of money to school. Valuable items are often stolen, lost or damaged. The school is not responsible for any personal items brought on campus, and will not be responsible for the investigation of stolen items. Instruction will not be stopped to recover items.

Lost & Found

If a student loses an item, he or she can check the Lost and Found in the Counseling Office. All items will be held for one semester. At the end of each semester, all items remaining in the Lost and Found will be donated to charity. Lost books will be returned to the bookroom.