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Since the 21-22 School Year, Oakland Tech has adopted a seven period modified block schedule. On Mondays, students attend seven 45-minute classes. The remainder of the week is on a rotating block schedule; four 90 minute classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays; three 90-minute classes and two 45 minute Advisory/Study Hall classes on Wednesdays and Fridays. View the  Bell Schedule.

Course Selection

Each spring, Oakland Tech counselors and administrators give presentations to all students to discuss the course options available to them the following school year, including the necessary prerequisites and the graduation and college requirements each class meets.

Please Note …

  • Oakland Tech has a student-driven schedule and all staffing, class periods and course offerings are determined by your initial course requests. Therefore, there is little flexibility to change, add, or drop classes once initial course selections are submitted. We cannot guarantee space in classes not required for graduation. We will try to honor your requests, but some courses may not be available due to student demand.
  • Requests to change courses will be considered during the petition period on a case-by-case basis by  your counselor. After the initial petition period, changes may only be made with the approval of an administrator.
  • You may only select one course in each of the core subjects (Math, English, Science, History, World Language).

Coursework at Oakland Tech

Pathways/Academies: Oakland Tech is committed to ensuring all scholars engage in a CTE-approved Pathway, embodied in our five Academies.

Programs: In addition to its Pathways, Tech offers a number of programs, including the renowned Paideia and award-winning Performing Arts. In most instances, students may participate in both a program and a pathway.

Advanced Placement is a program run by the College Board (the makers of the SAT) that allows you to take high school courses that can earn you college credit if you pass the AP exam, and offer a grade-point bonus.

Honors Placement Courses do not earn college credit, but do earn a bonus grade-point.

Dual Enrollment (DE) is a program in which Oakland Tech 10th–12th grade students can take Peralta Community College course(s) that are offered on Oakland Tech’s campus both during and after school and are taught by Peralta professors.

Concurrent Enrollment is a program in which Oakland Tech’s 10th–12th grade students can take Peralta Community College course(s) offered on the community college campus and instructed by Peralta professors.