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Summer School

Updated 5/31/23

This summer, Oakland Tech will have multiple summer school programs on campus. This includes the following:

  1. Oakland Tech Site Based Program (June 1 – June 30)
  2. Oakland Tech ESY (extended school year services for Special Education) (June 5 – July 6th)
  3. OUSD Summer Academy Recovery Program (June 5 – July 6th)
  4. OUSD Summer Performing Arts Academy (June 5 – July 6th)
  5. Oakland Summer Bridge (July 24 – July 28)

And a few other programs. 

As far as Oakland Tech's Site Based Program (9th – 11th grade) and OUSD Summer Academy Recovery Program (11th – 12th grade), please see below:

Oakland Tech Site Based Program

Our site-based program will begin June 1st and end June 30th. The times will be 8:30 am – 2:30 pm. There will be 4 blocks (2 blocks per class). Students will have the chance to earn up to 10 credits (plus 2.5 credits for Advisory) over the summer. The program will be 4 weeks in duration. 

We will be offering the following fall and spring of the following courses:

  1. Algebra 1
  2. Geometry
  3. English 1
  4. English 2
  5. English 3
  6. World History
  7. US History
  8. Biology
  9. Spanish 1
  10. Spanish 2
  11. Advisory

Here is the bell schedule:

Note: If you haven’t signed up and need additional credits, please reach out to Dr. Woolridge and/or your school counselor. We would love to have you and get your scholar signed up. We will continuing enrolling students through the first week of school. 

Note: If you have any questions about your scholar’s enrollment or logistics around the summer program, please reach out to Dr. Woolridge.

Oakland Tech District Summer Academy Recovery

Our district summer academy recovery will be from June 5th – July 6th.  If you have any questions regarding the program, enrollment, or logistics, please contact Vinh Trinh. The District Summer Academy Recovery will serve 11th and 12th grade students. 

Also see: OUSD Summer Learning