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OUSD College Access Partners

OUSD has partnered with several college support services that are operated and funded outside of the district. These programs provide a team of advisers who work directly with Oakland Tech students. Some advisers can support all students while others work with a designated cohort of students who apply to their program. Ideally, students apply to join a college access partner program in 9th grade.

UC Berkeley Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) 

EAOP is committed to increasing access to higher education for underserved students and families which can include those who are low-income, first-generation going to college, or whose primary language is not English. EAOP provides cohort academic advising and course planning; college and financial aid info; scholarship application assistance; and free SAT preparation. They also coordinate Pre-College Academy and free summer courses at UC Berkeley.

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In addition to working with her cohort, the EAOP advisor supports Oakland Tech with parent events, college information presentations, and CCC drop-in hours.


Mills TRIO Programs: Upward Bound and Mills Educational Talent Search (METS)

The mission of the Mills College TRIO Programs is to prepare Oakland students to be academically and emotionally successful throughout their high school careers in order to graduate successfully from college. Both programs work with students with disadvantaged backgrounds on academic, career, financial aid counseling, and college application assistance. The program offers monthly college campus field trips and an intense summer program at Mills College.

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